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    Total home control is the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light, the temperature, and the power used by appliances in a room, or throughout your home.
    • Ideal for existing homes by using wireless technology.
    • Save energy
    • Add convenience to your daily life
    • Create just the right mood or ambiance
    • Add cutting-edge technology to your home
    Control one room or your entire home.
    • Media rooms
    • Kitchen
    • Home office
    • Master suite
    • Deck and patio lighting
    • Main entry and walkway
    • Will work with today‚Äôs more efficient CFL and LED lighting

    Simplify Your Life With Home Automation

    Comfort, Safety, Security, and Energy Savings Are as Close as Your Smart Phone or Tablet.
    • Energy usage
    • Heating and cooling
    • Lighting indoors and out
    • Temperature
    • Music
    • Audio visual
    • Home media centers
    • Blinds
    • All while at home or away
    • Do you ever wonder why your electric bill is so high? Most do.
    • Have you ever wondered which appliances, lights, or circuits cost you the most to use?
    • Have you ever wished you knew what your next electric bill would be in advance?
    • Would you like to know how much power your home is using in real-time?
    • Would you like to lower your next electric bill?
    • We can help you address these questions and more.
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