When it comes to efficiently heat and cooling a home, having a furnace or air conditioner that is the appropriate size for your house makes a big difference. While we would love to have a rule of thumb to determine what size is best, it is difficult to determine which size system is right for you without having your home evaluated by a professional. For example, depending on how your house was built, one ton of air conditioning could sufficiently cool anywhere from 300-800 square feet of your home.

Incorrectly sized systems leave homeowners in a tough situation. If the system is too large, the homeowner can pay much more on their utility bill than they should. If it is too small, you may be left with one or more rooms that are not sufficiently heated and/or cooled. To ensure that your system is a perfect fit, you should have a professional perform an in-depth analysis of your home to ensure that you do not waste money on either side of the equation.

If you are interested in having a full Comfort Analysis done on your home, please give us a call! Precision Plumbing Heating Cooling & Electric will send a qualified Comfort Adviser to take a look free of charge. This will help to ensure that you have a system that meets your home’s needs, as well as your budget!

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