How’s Your Power?

    An older electrical system can cause any number of issues in today’s high-tech homes. ranging from just a nuisance to an inconvenience and in the worst cases a major safety concern.

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    Did you know your electric panel and other system components can wear out over time?
    • Do you have outlets that don’t work?
    • Do you have switches that pop or work sporadically?
    • Do your lights flicker?
    • Are your circuit breakers constantly tripping?
    • Do you sometimes detect a burning odor?
    • Is your existing panel labeled correctly in case there is an emergency?
    • Do you have high-end electronics that would not be protected in the event of a surge?
    • Is your existing panel suited for the addition of today’s air conditioning systems?
    • Will your panel support a remodel or plans for an addition in the future?
    • Did you know an older panel can affect the sale of your home?
    • Do you have aluminum wiring?
    • Has your power distribution system ever been inspected?

    Does Your Homes Electrical System Need a Tune-Up?

    As your electrical distribution system is used the panel and the outlying components, wires, outlets, switches, and light fixtures heat and cool. Over time this process will cause connections to become loose and unsafe.

    Your electrical system is mechanical as well and it requires periodic inspections and maintenance to ensure top performance and safety. Without that maintenance mechanical failures can occur

    Does Your Homes Electrical System Need a Tune-Up?

    It’s Often Necessary to Repair or Replace All or Part of The Distribution System Because Of Neglect or Abuse.

    In this instance, it’s imperative that the latest codes are adhered to and that you’re made aware of what your options are.

    Options such as:
    • Sizes of service panels available
    • Arc fault breakers
    • Tamper resistant outlets
    • GFCI protected outlets
    • Aluminum wire pig tailing
    • Surge protection warranties
    • Flexibility for future circuits

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