The Quiet Cool Systems products are ducted whole-house fans that were developed based on a proven method of whole-house cooling that has been around for years.

    It is the most versatile cooling and ventilating system on the market today!

    Cool Your Boulder, Colorado Home the Quiet Cool Fan Way
    • Cut Your Ac Cost By 50%-90%

      The Truth Is, Electricity Prices Are Going Up Even Higher! A Large Central A/C Can Consume Over 5,000 Watts Per Hour. Considering the high cost of electricity makes installing a whole house fan system a Smart Decision. By Slashing Your Air Conditioner usage, The Money You Spent on Installing Your Quiet Cool Fans, Can Be Recovered in a Very Short period. This Huge Savings Will Ultimately Put Money Back in Your Pockets Instead of the Utility Companies.

    • It Cools. It Ventilates. It Exhausts and It’s Quiet!

      These exceptionally quiet fans can be installed in a single, or multiple-fan configuration and are designed to move large amounts of air per fan. Install one of the higher volume CFM whole house fans in your hallway or a combination of a large fan and a lower CFM fan in each occupied bedroom for maximum cooling.

    • Improve home air with Quiet Cool Fans

      One way to lower levels of indoor air pollutants is to increase the amount of outdoor air coming in. Using a whole-house fan is the most effective way to ventilate and cool your home.

    • Meeting Applicable Efficiency Standards

      Quiet Cool is Certified by The California Energy Commission as Meeting Applicable Efficiency Standards. Fan Use Only UL-Listed Components!

    • Whole House Fans Vs Attic Fan

      Attic fans are designed to remove hot air from the attic space, but they do not pull air from your living area. The main purpose of attic fans is to exhaust trapped hot air from the attic and extend the life of your roof structure.

      Besides this, attic fans are great at reducing attic moisture during cold days.

    • Whole House fans

      can be used instead of an AC unit during most of the year in most climates. They push hot air off the attic, but the main difference is that whole house fans pull air from your living area through the attic outside.

      All you need to do is open a window and fans will create a slight breeze of fresh outside air, which is cooler than inside, and that air will flow through the living room to the attic and then go outside of your house, cooling both living quarters and attic at the same time.

    • Ideal number of fans

      Generally speaking, you should install one fan in a central location such as a hallway, and one fan in each of the occupied bedrooms that are used for sleeping. The recommended amount of airflow (or CFM) should be approximately 2-3 times the square footage of your home. So, a home that is 3,000 sq. feet should have several fans that when added together move between 6,000-9,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air, while keeping in mind the aforementioned placement locations.

    • Trusted For 40 Years

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