To save on your air conditioning maintenance and running costs, Precision Plumbing Heating Cooling & Electric can assist with a great value check-up of your system. With fast on-time service across the entire Denver or Boulder regions, and a level of award-winning service second to none (read more here), discover how a check-up can help you save:

    Air Conditioning Check-Up Across Denver & Boulder
    • Lower Running Costs

      Checking your air conditioning system can help maintain it at optimal efficiency. A well-maintained system can be up to 25% more efficient than a non-maintained system, saving you on your energy bills.

    • Improve Reliability

      By cleaning and checking the system, our comprehensive inspection (which includes testing refrigerant levels, air flow, controls, and components, monitoring amperage, and voltage levels, and cleaning the filters, coil, and drains) can help keep your system in good running order when you need it most on the hottest days.

    • Protect Your Investment

      Regular maintenance, as with a car, can help keep the system in good running order for longer.

    • No Breakdowns This Summer Guaranteed

      …or the tune-up is FREE. Benefit from our no breakdown assurance this summer, or the check-up will be refunded. It’s your assurance of quality maintenance.

    • Great Value

      Save as well on the check-up itself with our great value.

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    To arrange a check-up and inspection of your air conditioning system in the Denver and Boulder regions, call and speak with Precision Plumbing Heating Cooling & Electric today.